Take a different view of training,
our actors will deliver bespoke Role Play scenarios
to improve communication & performance of your teams.


…which of our courses will improve the Soft Skills of your people to deliver better business performance.

…a bespoke set of Role Play Scenarios that are relevant to your business and your people.

…on video how your people perform during the bespoke Role Play Scenarios

… the output of the video with all participants in real time, to accelerate the shared learning experience

Developing the Soft Skills of your team can be challenging, everyone is different and their physicality, personality and emotional intelligence will all impact on their performance and the effective communication within your organisation.

We work with you to identify the performance issues impacting on your business and we create bespoke Role Play Scenarios that are unique to your business and your key people.


We then deliver these role play scenarios using Experienced Professional Actors who have been vetted and approved by us. We select the actor with the most relevant life & business experience necessary to ensure as much realism and relevance as possible.


But we don’t stop there, we record the interaction of your people whilst the Role Play Scenarios are being conducted and this video output forms the core learning tool used in feedback.

The final component of our approach, is to review the output of the video with the training participants in a group format. Using this approach we gather valuable real time feedback on the Soft Skills of all course participants.


Every participant is shown their own performance on video and they also see the video output for every other participant.  This “Collective Self Awareness” is key in driving performance and communication gains for your business. 


Whilst all of our development courses are bespoke to each organisation and its people, there are a number of courses that regulalry deliver with our clients, these include